Catering Tips and Techniques

Menu Planning

As we approach another season, I am centered around menu improvement. New, regular fixings rouse me to make new dishes; at Great Performances, we are focused on conveying the best of the season to the table. Our Director of Sustainability has arranged a diagram for us to control occasional menu arranging.

I share my considerations with Executive Chef Matthew Riznyk, and find out about his exquisite dishes all the while. We work cooperatively to show an inventive arrangement of new dishes to our business group and customers.

As occasions fly up, I work with our Event Directors to propose sweets that are a fit for the occasion. We consider the customer's vision and calculated points of interest, for example,

*At the point when and where will the occasion happen?

*What is the visitor check?

*What is the visitor profile? For instance, what number of youngsters are in participation? What hypersensitivities do visitors have?

*What amount back-of-house space do we approach at the setting? We consider what number of steps are required to form a dish.

*What is the financial plan? For an additional time-escalated dish, we select more kitchen associates.

*What is the occasion timetable?

*Will we have the capacity to cook at the gathering?

For instance, I would have the capacity to serve customary chocolate soufflés at a personal occasion in somebody's home, yet it is hard to serve this dish at an expansive occasion that does not have space in the financial plan for additional hardware and staff. In our universe of off-commence providing food, many dishes are cooked nearly to fulfillment in our Great Performances kitchen and afterward completed nearby.

Furnished with the above notes and the customer's vision, we set forth a few thoughts in a proposition for the customer and after that tune in to his or her criticism. Awesome Performances can oblige a wide range of solicitations, for example, the utilization of option sweeteners like nectar and agave, and gluten free and additionally vegetarian treats. Some interesting menu things in our collection include:

*Winged serpent's Breath Popcorn

*Lemon Meringue Cake Pops

*Fill-Your-Own-Cream-Puff station

*Sweet Potato Crunch Bar with Ginger Crème Anglaise and Honey Tuile

*Vellies (yellow pepper/melon, tomato/watermelon, beet root/rhubarb, green apple/cucumber)

I cooperate with our Director of Sustainability to source nearby elements for the baked good division. For instance, one of our staples is legacy flour from upstate NY.

Awesome Performances has trademarked the 100 Mile Menu—a menu in which we source all fixings inside a 100-mile range. I jump at the chance to influence treks to our close-by ranchers' to market to get the freshest elements of the day. Furthermore, GP claims Katchkie Farm, a 60-section of land natural ranch in Kinderhook, NY. The magnificence of the Farm really rouses me!

Food storage

Preparing pastries for off-premise catering is all about proper insulation and wrapping. We wrap our trays in bubble

wrap to prevent damage, and then move the trays to one of our walk-in refrigerators before they are loaded onto the truck headed to the event site.

Due to the high volume of food production for our events and cafes, we do not have space in our Hudson Square kitchen to store food days in advance; thus, we make our items in the quantity needed for each event.

Food Transportation

Great Performances owns refrigerated trucks, which are essential for maintaining taste and quality of our food en route to an event. We use blocks of dry ice to keep food cold, since it is not consumed immediately upon the truck’s arrival.


Introduction is basic to treats. Amid the menu advancement process each season, we work with our outline division to combine a particular plate with every thing.Our kitchen organization group gets ready form sheets for our business group and gathering gourmet specialists. Assemble sheets incorporate photographs of the thing, a rundown of all fixings and gear, and other particular guidelines including a course of events. For instance, a few sweets should be warmed up soon after the entrée is served, and others are room temperature and can be plated whenever. Fabricate sheets change every now and again as our gourmet specialists acquire involvement in setting up every thing for gatherings of all scales and in various scenes.For bigger gatherings, we propose three-advance dishes with the goal that our gourmet specialists can serve visitors rapidly.For littler gatherings, we can serve dishes that are created in five stages.


Incredible Performances executes a great many occasions each year and therefore, we have associations with numerous educated and experienced baked good culinary specialists. We will approach these culinary experts for occasions when the treat served should be regulated by somebody with a baked good foundation.

Serve What We Had and Make Them Happy

Sustenance from Kerala has earned a respectable place in the culinary book of the world, particularly since it takes the middle stage at most occasions, huge or little. Kerala food is creative and dynamic. Traveling through the 14 regions of the state can give you an assortment of dishes that contrast in their cooking style, smell, taste and appearance. Truly, it will be trying to pick a top pick!

This novel interpretation of delights is very much seen amid wedding capacities. Be it a Hindu, Christian or Muslim wedding, each would have their customary and unmistakable flavors and dishes. Also, as you move over the express, each wedding feast has a checked territorial mark to it.

On the off chance that you have set your sights on a goal wedding in Kerala, at that point pick a sustenance menu that runs with provincial flavors. You could fuse the customary wedding feast with luxuries from the nearby kitchen. And after that possibly splatter two or three dishes that are prevalent in different locales also.

A great devour can fuel a wedding party, and in addition add style and identity to the occasion. So here's the means by which you can pick astutely and make the most of your extraordinary day:


While Kerala is very free as far as dietary decisions, there will be individuals who don't eat meat or dairy items and other such things. Most weddings offer both vegan and non-veggie lover dishes, so giving such a choice is prudent.

Most Hindu weddings in Kerala have fantastic lunch feasts called as Sadhyas. Also, these are entirely vegan. In any case, a great many people give meat amid the gathering meals and gatherings.Both Christian and Muslim weddings offer non-veggie lover lunch menus. So while there is no rigid govern, taking your visitors' dietary decisions would be perfect.



Build up a financial plan in light of the quantity of visitors touching base for the occasion. That way you can monitor the quantity of dishes required, the serving staff and style, regardless of whether to include canapés and different miscellaneous items. Each modest choice can influence the cost of your devour. What's more, imprudent administration can prompt wastage of sustenance. So nail down your financial plan toward the begin.


Christian Weddings, then again, have an intricate menu that incorporates various types of stew, similar to sheep stew, chicken or lamb stew, joined with flapjacks and appams and rotis. You can browse steaming chicken curry, delicate pork hacks, scrumptious lamb sauce and fresh fish fries.

Goal weddings have the additional favorable position of offering an extensive variety of dishes for lunch. Every goal in Kerala offers something one of a kind and unmistakable. So including a tad bit of the neighborhood food would amuse the visitors.For example, Muslim weddings in North Kerala, essentially the Malabar territory, are famous for their Biryani. You get decisions here too, from Chicken Biryani to Fish and Mutton to try and Mixed Non-Veg Biryani. There's great vegan Biryani too for the individuals who don't eat meat.

Areas like Alleppey and Kottayam are mainstream for their fascinating ocean bottom arrangement. You can incorporate some mouth-watering dishes like the "Karimeen Polichathu" or mussels and crab planning that are endemic to these locale.

The Sadhya is a lavish devour normal to Hindu weddings. It has a grouping of dishes, some of the time numbering around 40 (counting zesty pickles, great sauce, delectable desserts and treat!). While the Sadhya doesn't change much in plan, the number and sort of dishes alongside it might shift as you move over the state.


Indian Weddings are never exhausting. We as a whole know why. Yes, you speculated right! The huge spread of nourishment and alternate merriments obviously! No wedding is finished without a plenty of good nourishment and fulfilled visitors.food3

Customarily, the sustenance for the wedding was cooked by talented cooks. These days, individuals' inclinations are changing and a significant number of them pick providing food administrations. Be that as it may, one ought to settle on this choice shrewdly. If there should arise an occurrence of cooking administrations, the principal thing to do is to choose your menu. The menu is chosen remembering your financial plan. Keep in mind the thought is to pick a decent cook, who gives you sustenance of your decision inside your financial plan. After you pick the cook, every one of the game plans are finished by them.food2

After the essential supper is over, the visitors are treated with sweets. Pastries are sweet things, which are served to facilitate the hot and shivering taste of the dinner. The sweet segment involves conventional things relying on the ethnicity of the families. In any case, the regular desserts and frozen yogurts are constantly given inclination. This is on the grounds that they are preferred by all attributable to their widespread notoriety and bid.